The Dyer Lawrence Law Firm offers representation of individuals and businesses in bankruptcy court.  Both debtor and creditor representation is available.  Representation in adversary proceedings including denial of discharge complaints is also offered.

The filing of a bankruptcy petition triggers an automatic stay which disallows creditors from calling the debtor and making other collection efforts such as mailing dunning letters. Bankruptcy will halt most civil lawsuits and foreclosures. The two most common types of bankruptcy for individuals are chapter 7 and chapter 13. Certain individuals may also find it beneficial to file under chapter 11. Although most people prefer to file chapter 7, chapter 13 may have advantages in some situations. For example, chapter 13 offers the ability to remove a second lien on a house if the value of a house is lower than the amount owed on the first lien. Chapter 11 offers similar lien removal options.  Businesses are not eligible for chapter 13 but can file under chapter 7 and chapter 11.

Bankruptcy is a complex area of the law and experienced representation is therefore important. Dyer Lawrence serves clients in Nevada and California.  Call today for a consultation:

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